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A guide to dating sites in Sweden. Meet someone from Scandinavia on the internet

Swedish dating sites

This the online meeting places for Swedes. Read about where and how to get in touch with someone from Scandinavia. Discover how to get one of them on the hook for a serious marriage or just for fun.

The internet is used a lot in the Scandinavian countries, as the infrastructure is very well developed and people have money. The Swedes are well known to hold on hard to their cash, but don't let that stop you.

The people here are very social and open minded, so you should not have much problems getting in contact with some nice specimen! Also try to add applications like AreYouInterested or Zoosk on Facebook where you will find many serious people. Most of them are looking for real love even if they are strange.

Keep in mind that the Scandinavians can appear quite different depending on country. The Swedes are known to be a bit careful with spending money, and the Norwegians are the exact opposite of this. Some people are strange, are they not?

The Danes are known to enjoy life the most and don't have so many rules. So be sure to pick your date from the country that matches your requirements. If you like money, find a Danish or Norwegian person. If you like security and stability find a Swede. Nobody told you life was easy.

Find your love on one of these Swedish dating sites:
Match is the BIGGEST dating site in the world, with a lot of Swedes!
FirstDate FirstDate
First Date is a big site where you can find many cute Swedes!
Meet locals here - quite big. See also the Norwegian version "".

Above here you will find some Swedish sites, see the right menu for other Scandinavian countries. There are really a lot of nice Danes and Norwegians online also. Dont be shy, give it a try today.

A few of the sites are pay sites. Some requires you to have a local mobile phone number for verification. Still the free sites are a good starting point to get a look and feel for this game. But if you are serious you should pay for membership. That is a strong signal that you are not just playing around.

It is easy to meet someone here: just make a online profile on one or more of the popular and serious dating sites recommended here. Be prepared for endless talk and suspicion, especially if they think you want their money. By the way, if you need spiritual advice you can even get a clairvoyant reading here also!

The Swedes are educated and they are looking for long time relationships. Meeting someone the internet is very popular. We hope you manage to find what you are looking for.

If you are interested in Norwegians see this page, or look for a sweet Dane in this section of the site.

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