Facebook dating
Avoid beeing stupid on Facebook when trying to meet someone.
Is it possible to use Facebook as a dating site?

I am sure you have done it also; added random friends on Facebook and ended up feeling like an idiot afterwards.

Yes, me too. But this is not how to meet someone on Facebook! Since it is a network for mostly friends, don't add someone you might like without asking first. People who do that are considered amateurs and idiots.

There is a better way: use some of the popular applications on Facebook where you can find other people interested willing to be friend with you. A lot of people around the world are using Facebook to meet someone, it is not stupid if you just do it the right way as we tell you here. Install Zoosk, AreYouInterested or Badoo to get started. The first thing you should do when you install the recommended applications is to turn of the writing on your Facebook wall. Of course these applications get a lot of free advertising when you announce everything to your friends, but do you want everybody to see what you do?

So go here to edit your permissions and turn of publishing to your wall - it is easy to stopp apps from broadcasting everything. And it will save you some embarrassment from all your friends who don't need to know your secrets.

On AreYouInterested the default is to show only people from the same country as you. But you can change the country in your profile, so just change country if you want to meet someone from another part of the world. Like I did, change to Brazil and see all the nice daters from Brazil. Or set it to show the entire world, but that can be a bit tiresome, try to rather be a bit more specific and focused when you want to meet someone.

Facebook dating applications:

Click yes or no and see who is mutual interested in you.
Zoosk is like a normal dating site, search and view.
Nice app for flirting, see who is near you just now...

The applications needs different permissions to be able to read your data and your profile pictures, just allow what you feel is needed. You can switch it all of afterwards. Remember to switch off the posting to your wall as earlier mentioned, or else there can be a lot of stupid postings on your page! If you don't stop it, every flirt you do and every new contact you make will be repeated on your profile, and I don't think you will want that if you have some real friends and family on your Facebook. Save yourself from the embarrassment - clean your wall.

At last, if you want some real dating sites there are always the Norwegian page with some nice sites, the list of all Swedish dating sites, and even some interesting Swedish dating sites listed here.

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