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To read more about the most popular Scandinavian sites, see the right menu. We guide you to the sites in Norway, the most popular sites in Sweden and how to meet someone from Denmark. These websites you find there are some of the most popular in the respective countries. For Norwegians: read about kontaktannonser, see the menu for specific countries and people.

Meet attractive persons from Norway by making a profile there. Or if you want to friend from Denmark or maybe look at the Swedish sites check those pages, it has the most used Scandinavian websites listed.

The use of internet is very common in Scandinavia so don't wait to start checking them out. And you shouldn't really have to pay so much - the free websites are still many. Just be prepared to try a few of them and see where you get the biggest response. Facebook dating is growing fast, but still people use dedicated matchmaking sites to meet people online.

Some of the Scandinavian sites are losing members to Facebook these days, but the biggest one and the most specialized ones seem to withstand the pressure. You just have to try and see where you feel most at home. Our recommendations show the most visited sites here in the cold and oil-rich areas of Northern Europe.

If you want to try, there are some popular applications on Facebook also. Remember that most Scandinavians are using Facebook!

Try adding the applications "Are you interested" or "Zoosk" to find someone from Scandinavia. If you set your country to Norway, Sweden or Denmark in "Are you interested" and select to see people in your own country, then you will see only people from Scandinavia on Zoosk after that.

There are lots of people out there trying to get your money so be careful. Good luck and we hope you will find a nice Scandinavian person to talk to, or even marry!

Imagine meeting a super attractive Scandinavian on one of these sites, you can do it! Just use a few minutes to decide what types of people you would like to spend time with.

The Norwegian sites are pupular also, even thoug the Norwegians are a bit shy. But they really do enjoy using money. Some would say they are too kind, maybe stupid - but they don't have many so many worries as the economy is very good there.

The Swedes on the other hand are much more outgoing, but never likes to use money for anything. Except counting them maybe.

And the Danes are the happy and crazy and partying people of Scandinavia. So; good luck and have fun checking out the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish websites we give you here on You can also read about online dating at wiki if you want some more knowledge before you jump into it.

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